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Award-winning low-price concept

Award-winning low-price concept

Yess! Hotel Kristiansand is an award-winning low-price concept that focuses on good breakfast and spotlessly clean rooms.

We have a very central location in Kristiansand, only 30 meters from the pedestrian street Markens and 300 meters from the train, bus and ferry terminal.

Simple and tasty breakfast buffet

A good start to your morning is important. Yess! offers you a simple, tasteful and healthy breakfast.

Clean rooms

We promise you spotless rooms with ultra-comfortable mattresses, a desk, television and delicate tiled bathrooms.

Central location

Yess! is located in the middle of Kristiansand, just 30 meters from the main pedestrian street Markens and 300m from Color Line, the train and bus terminal.

Central location

We also promise you

Parking: We offer simple and secure parking in the hotel courtyard. We advise to book parking when you book your room.

Fast and stable Internet: We offer fast and stable Internet throughout the hotel. Completely free of charge!

Large family: Although most of our rooms are small and compact, we also offer larger rooms for up to 6 people.

Meeting room: We offer a modern and well equipped meeting room which seats up to 20 people.Please send us a request.


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Yess! Hotel Kristiansand

Tordenskjoldsgate 12
4612 Kristiansand

+47 38 70 15 70